Terence Mitchell

Terence Mitchell

Professor of Management
Edward E. Carlson Distinguished Professor in Business Administration
Professor of Psychology

PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1969
MA, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1967
GDPA, University of Exeter, 1965
BA, Duke University, 1964

Motivation, leadership and decision making.

Positions Held
At the University of Washington since 1969

Visiting scholar at:
University of Iowa (2010)
University of Canterbury, New Zealand (1988, 1996)
University of Western Australia (1990, 1992, 1995)
University of Amsterdam (1994)

AACSB faculty fellow at the Department of Labor (1972)

Current Research
Development and validation of organizational attachment: why people stay and why they leave their jobs, and matching motivation interventions to job contents. Most recent work is on how people pace and space their work when striving to meet deadline goals.

Honors and Awards
Scholarly Achievement Award, Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management (2013)

Lifetime Achievement Award, Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Division (2010)

Outstanding Practitioner Oriented Publication in Organizational Behavior Award for article, "Increasing Human and Social Capital by Applying Job Embeddedness Theory". Judged best of all papers (2006)

Winner, Best Published Paper, Academy of Management Review (2001)

Winner, Best Published Paper (Research in Organizational Behavior chapter), Organizational Behavior Division (2001)

Scholar of the Year, University of Washington School of Business (2001 and 2005)

Charter Member, Academy of Management’s Hall of Fame, Gold Level (2000)

Fellow, Academy of Management

Fellow, American Psychological Association

Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (1998)

Burlington Northern Foundation Achievement Award for Scholarship (1982)

Academic Service
Director of the Doctoral Program, Foster School of Business (2007-2010)
Executive Committee of the Organizational Behavior Division, Academy of Management (1998-2003)
Governing board of the Society for Organizational Behavior (1990-94)
Editorial board of Academy of Management Review (1988-93, 1996-2002)

Selected Publications

"The Story of Why We Stay:  A Review of Job Embeddedness with Lee, T. W. & Burch, T.C..  Forthcoming, Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 1,

"The Need to Consider Time, Level, and Trends:  A Turnover Perspective" with Burch, T.R. & Lee, T.W., Journal of Organizational Behavior 35: 296-300.

"Redefining Employee Turnover: Focusing on Proximal Psychological States and an Expanded Criterion," with P.W. Hom, T.W. Lee and R. Griffeth, Forthcoming, Psychological Bulletin,

"A Demonstration of the Importance of Temporal Considerations in the Prediction of Newcomer Turnover," with B.C. Holtom, S.T. Tidd and Lee, T.L., Human Relations 66: 1337-1352.

"When Employees are Out of Step with Coworkers: How Job Satisfaction Trajectories and Dispersion Influence Individual- and Unit-Level Voluntary Turnover, with D. Liu, T.W. Lee, B.C. Holtom and T.R. Hinton, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 55, 2012, pp. 1360-1380.

"An Examination of Whether and How Racial and Gender Biases Influence Customer Satisfaction Ratings," with D. Hekman, K. Aquino, B. Owens and P. Schilpzand, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 2, 2010, pp. 338-364.

"The Buffering Effects of Job Embeddedness on Negative Shocks," with J.P. Burton, B.C. Holtom, C.J. Sablynski and T.W. Lee, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Vol. 76, 2010, pp. 42-51.

"Theory Pruning: Strategies to Reduce our Dense Theoretical Landscape," with K. Leavitt and J. Peterson, Organizational Research Methods, Vol. 13, 2010, pp. 644-667. 

"Turnover Contagion: How Coworkers’ Job Embeddedness and Coworkers’ Job Search Behaviors Influence Quitting," with W. Felps, D. Hekman, T.W. Lee, B.C. Holtom and W.S. Harman, Academy of Management Journal, 2009.

"Turnover and Retention Research: a Glance at the Past, a Closer Review of the Present, and a Venture into the Future," with B.H. Holtom, T.W. Lee and M. Bussmann, Academy of Management Annals, Vol. 2, 2008, pp. 231-274.

"The Academic Life: Realistic Changes Needed for Business School Students and Faculty," Academy of Management Learning and Education, Vol. 6, 2007, pp. 236-251.

"The Role of Job Embeddedness in Turnover, Job Performance, Citizenship and Absenteeism," with T.W. Lee, C. Sablynski and J. Burton, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 47, 2004, pp. 711-722.

"Building Better Theory: Time and the Specification of When Things Happen," with L. James, Academy of Management Review, Vol. 26, 2001, pp. 530-547.

"Why People Stay: Using Job Embeddedness to Predict Voluntary Turnover," with B.C Holtom, T.W. Lee, C.J. Sablynski and M. Erez, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 44, 2001, pp. 1102-1122.

"A Quantitative Test of the Unfolding Model of Voluntary Turnover," with T.W. Lee, B.C. Holtom, L. McDaniel, and J.W. Hill, Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 42, 1999, pp. 450-462.

Selected Consulting Experience
Physio-Control, assessment of the success of JIT program.
Univar, facilitation of merger.
Weyerhauser, development of performance appraisal instrument.

Contact Information

Office:536 Paccar Hall

Mailing Address

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195-3200

"The concept of comparison is the single most important concept in generating knowledge and understanding."