Thomas Gilbert

Assistant Professor of Finance

PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2008
MS, University of California, Berkeley, 2005
MSci, Imperial College, London, UK, 2002

Asset pricing under asymmetric information

Positions Held
At the University of Washington since 2008

Researcher in Complexity Group of Didier Sornette, Department of Geophysics and Space Physics, University of California, Los Angeles (2002-2003)

Chief Financial Officer, LIDAR Technologies, London, UK (2001-2002)

Summer Analyst, Citigroup Global Corporate & Investment Bank, London, UK (2000, 2001)

Current Research
"The Impact of Macroeconomic News on Corporate Policies" with Ran Duchin.

"An Information-Based Theory for the Fit of the Fama-French Model" with Christopher Hrdlicka and Avraham Kamara.

"Marginal Tax Rates and the Equity Premium" with Christopher Hrdlicka

"Cash Held by Firms is Not Really Cash" with Ran Duchin, Jarrad Harford and Christopher Hrdlicka.

Honors and Awards
Ph.D. Program Mentoring Award (2012)
Daniel R. Siegel Service Award (2011)
Charles E. Summer Outstanding Teaching Award (2011)
PACCAR Award for Teaching Excellence (2010)
MBA Core Professor of the Year (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
MBA Core Professor of the Quarter (Aut 2009, Aut 2010, Aut 2011, Aut 2012)
Outstanding graduate student instructor award, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley (2005-2007)
UC Regents' Fellowship (2006-2007)
Dean Witter Foundation Fellowship (2003-2007)
Henry K. Hayase Ph.D. Award (2004)

Academic Service
Reviewer for the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Finance, and Management Science.
Western Finance Association Conference Program Committee (2010-2013)
European Finance Association Conference Program Committee (2013)

Selected Publications
"Investor Inattention and the Market Impact of Summary Statistics," with Shimon Kogan, Lars Lochstoer, and Ataman Ozyildirim, Special issue on Behavioral Economics and Finance, Management Science, Vol. 58, 336-350, (2012).

"Information Aggregation around Macroeconomic Announcements:  Revisions Matter" Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 101, 114-131 (2011).

."Endogenous Versus Exogenous Shocks in Complex Networks: An Empirical Test Using Book Sale Rankings," with Didier Sornette, Fabrice Deschatres, and Yann Ageon, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 93, 228701 (2004).

Working Papers
"Beta and Factor Models:  Frequency Matters," with Christopher Hrdlicka, Jonathan Kalodimos and Stephan Siegel (2013).

"Fairness and Risk-Sharing across Generations," with Christopher Hrdlicka (2013).

"Why do University Endowments Invest so much in Risky Assets?" with Christopher Hrdlicka (2013).

"Why do Certain Macroeconomic News Announcements have a Big Impact on Asset Prices?" with Chiara Scotti, Georg Strasser, and Clara Vega (2010).

Contact Information

Office:413 Paccar Hall

Mailing Address

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226