Peter Demerjian

Assistant Professor of Accounting

PhD, University of Michigan Business, 2007
MBA, College of William & Mary, 2002
BA, Brandeis University, 1996

Financial accounting, debt contracting, debt covenants, managerial ability

Positions Held
Assistant professor of Accounting at the Foster School
Assistant Professor of Accounting, Emory University, 2007-2013

Current Research
Earnings Quality and Debt Contracting
Measuring Financial Covenant Slack (with E. Owens)
Aggregate Covenant Protection and the Debt Contracting Value of Accounting Information (withR. Bushman and E. Owens)
Consequences of Earnings Management on Private Loan Design (with L. Lee)
Managerial Ability and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns (with M. Cooper and A. Curtis)

Academic Service
Ad Hoc Referee: Contemporary Accounting Research, Management Science, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Review of Accounting Studies
Conference Reviews: AAA Annual Meeting (2008- 2012), AAA Southeast Regional Meeting (2008), AAA MAS Midyear Meeting (2009), AAA FARS Midyear Meeting (2009-2012)

Selected Publications

"Accounting Standards and Debt Covenants: Has the 'Balance Sheet Approach' Led to a Decline in the Use of Balance Sheet Covenants?" Journal of Accounting and Economics 52: 178-202 (2011).

"Quantifying Managerial Ability: A New Measure and Validity Tests" (with B. Lev and S. McVay). Management Science 58(7): 1229-1248 (2012).

"Managerial Ability and Earnings Quality" (with B. Lev, M. Lewis and S. McVay). Forthcoming in The Accounting Review (2013).

Selected Presentations

2012: University of Washington (scheduled), Louisiana State University (scheduled), Indiana University, University of Florida, Southern Methodist University, AAA Annual Meeting (Washington DC), Southeast Summer Accounting Research Conference, Penn State Accounting Research Conference, Emory University, Southeast Regional AAA meeting,Savannah, GA

2011: AAA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO

2010: FEA Conference, Boston College, Vanderbilt University, JAE Conference (Northwestern University), AAA Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA), AAA FARS Midyear Meeting (San Diego, CA)

2009: University of British Columbia, Washington University in St Louis, University of Utah, Emory University, AAA FARS Midyear Meeting (New Orleans, LA), AAA MAS Midyear Meeting (St. Petersburg, FL)

2008: Southeast Summer Accounting Research Conference

2007: University of California- Berkeley, AAA Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL; New Scholar Session), Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Stanford University, Temple University, University of Toronto, Rice University, Emory University, New York University, AAA FARS Midyear Meeting (San Antonio, TX)

2006: FDIC Dissertation Workshop (Washington, DC), AAA Annual Meeting (Washington, DC)

2005: AAA Midwest Regional Meeting (St. Louis, MO)

Working Papers
Managerial Ability and Earnings Management (with M. Lewis and S. McVay, October 2012)
Uncertainty and Debt Covenants (October 2012)
The Impact of Changes in Balance Sheet Covenant Protection on the Design of Private Loan Contracts (October 2010)

Contact Information

Office:473 Paccar Hall

Mailing Address

Foster School of Business

Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195-3200