Jonathan Brogaard

Jonathan Brogaard

Assistant Professor of Finance

PhD, Northwestern University (2012)
JD, Northwestern University (2012)
BA, Occidental College (2006)


High-Frequency Trading, Law and Finance, Financial Regulation, Investments, Empirical Asset Pricing

Honors and Awards

Visiting Fellow, Australian National University (2014 - 2015)

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada Grant to conduct research on high frequency trading (04/2014)

Best Paper Award at the Northern Finance Association Annual Meeting (10/2012)

Bank of Canada research partnership (09/2012)

UK Foresight Fellowship Grant to conduct research on high frequency trading (10/2011)

CFTC Research Grant (10/2011)

Academic Service

At the University of Washington since 2011

Selected Publications

Brogaard, Jonathan, Joseph Engelberg, and Christopher Parsons. 2014. Network position and productivity: Evidence from journal editor rotations. Journal of Financial Economics, 111(1): 251-270.

Brogaard, Jonathan, Terrence Hendershott, and Ryan Riordan. 2014. High frequency trading and price discovery. Review of Financial Studies, 27(8): 2267-2306 (Lead Article).

Brogaard, Jonathan and Andrew Detzel. The asset pricing implications of government economic policy uncertainty. Management Science, forthcoming.

Brogaard, Jonathan, Terrence Hendershott, Stefan Hunt, and Carla Ysusi. 2014. High-frequency trading and the execution costs of institutional investors. Financial Review, 49(2): 345-369.

Working Papers

Do banking regulations have uniform effects? Evidence from changes in deposit insurance (with Kathryn Dewenter and Alan Hess)

The effectiveness of the 2008-2010 housing tax credit (with Kevin Roshak)

High frequency trading and extreme price movements (with Ryan Riordan, Andriy Shkilko, and Konstantin Sokolov)

High frequency trading and the 2008 short sale ban (with Terrence Hendershott and Ryan Riordan)

High frequency trading competition (with Corey Garriott)

Risk and return in high frequency trading (with Matthew Baron and Andrei Kirilenko)

Trading fast and slow: Colocation and liquidity (with Bjorn Hagstromer, Lars Norden, and Ryan Riordan)

The world price of political uncertainty (with Lili Dai, Phong Ngo, and Bohui Zhang)

 Work in Progress

Does government spending spur innovation (with Matthew Denes and Ran Duchin)

The impact of intraday circuit breakers (with Kevin Roshak)

The information content of credit rating changes: Evidence from trading volume (with Jennifer Koski and Andrew Siegel)

Price impact (with Robert Korajczyk)

Why do we tenure? Analysis of a long standing risk-based explanation (with Joseph Engelberg and Ed van Wesep)

Courses Taught

Finance 350: Business Finance (Fall 2014)

Finance 466: Alternative Investments: Hedge Funds and Private Equity (Fall 2014)

Finance 566: Alternative Investments: Hedge Funds and Private Equity (Fall 2014)

Contact Information

Office:434 Paccar Hall
Web:Personal Web Page

Mailing Address

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box 353226
Seattle, WA 98195-3226