Jeremiah Sullivan

Professor Emeritus of International Business

PhD, New York University, 1970
MBA, University of Washington, 1975
MA, New York University, 1967
BS, State University of New York, 1962

Comparative management, investment analysis for foreign environments, Asian business and management, e-commerce across borders, WTO and trade liberalization issues.

Positions Held
At the University of Washington since 1976
Chairman and assistant professor at Wilmington College (1970-73)
Visiting professor at New York University

Current Research
Country of origin effects on World Wide Web corporate home pages, impact of the Asian crisis on the U.S. exporters and importers.

Honors and Awards
Best Paper Award from the American Marketing Association, Special Recognition in the Imagine Peace Competition sponsored by Carnegie Mellon.

Academic Service
Editor of Pacific Northwest Executive (1985-91)
Editorial review boards of Journal of International Business Studies and Multinational Business Review

Selected Publications
"The Functions of Corporate Web Pages," Journal of World Business, 1999.

"English as the Lingua Franca of Business in Asia," Multinational Business Review, 1996.

"Exploring International Business Environments," Pearson Custom Publishing, 1999

Selected Consulting Experience
U.S. Department of Commerce, seminars on Japanese FDI and National Trade Data Bank, consultant to Ministry of Foreign Trade, Peoples Republic of China.

Contact Information

Office:308 Mackenzie Hall

Mailing Address

Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195-3200

"As international business expands, global standards of living will rise, but U.S. mercantilism could thwart the process."