Competition Success Stories and Winners
In the 17 years that the Buerk Center has produced its annual Business Plan Competition, 3,392 students (1,175 teams) have participated in the spring event. We’ve awarded $1.6 million in seed funding to 128 winning teams, many of which have gone on to make us proud. Here are several success stories.   

Sewing the Seeds of Change
Crowdfunding Scientific Discovery
So Fresh and So Green
Shabu Chic
Making Shabu "Chic"
Kien Ha, Shabu Chic
2008 competitor

Stockbox Grocers
Thinking Inside the Box
Jacqueline Gjurgevich and
Carrie Ferrence, Stockbox Grocers
2011 competitor
Phillip Lee
Meet Your New Apartment:
You’ll Love Her

Phillip Lee,
2007 competitor
Wearable Video Camera Defy
Economic Gravity
Marc Barros, Contour
2003 competitor
Dan Price, Gravity Payments
Gravity at the Speed of Light
Dan Price, Gravity Payments
2007 competitor

Val Trask
For Loyalty’s Sake: Follow the
Val Trask, Punchkeeper
2011 competitor
Jeff Becker
Creating a Company One
T-Shirt at a Time
Jeff Becker, Kotis Design
2002, 2003 and 2004 competitor
Amber Ratcliff
Lacing Together the Business of
Amber Ratcliff
2003 competitor
Krochet Kids
Kids with Hats Are on Track
Kohl Crecelius, Krochet Kids
2008 competitor

Epic Seats
Friends + Baseball Tickets =
an Epic Idea
Scott Barrows and James Kimmel,
Epic Seats
2005 competitor
Pete Findley
Making a Successful Korea
Darien Brown, Wander
2010 competitor
Impel NeuroPharma
Impel's POD Device Helps Drugs
Jump the Blood-Brain Barrier
John Hoekman and Michael Hite
2008 competitor


You can also view a complete history of Business Plan Competition winners for each year.

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