2012 Investment Round Teams

This year’s 101 submissions “demonstrate a remarkably creative, savvy ability to pinpoint business opportunities among a myriad of industries, covering familiar sectors like medicine and fashion, but also including drone aircraft and crowd-sourced charity funds,” said BPC co-chairs Alan Blickenstaff and Annie Koski-Karell  (MBA 2013). Current trends include a focus on food (15% of plans feature innovations to help you source, cook, and enjoy your favorites), crowd-funding platforms, creating social networks for motivational and educational purposes (such as getting in shape or learning to program), and more environmental innovation (with a focus on local, efficient, and sustainable ideas).

This year's start-up entrepreneurs are also farther along in terms of traction: more than 25% of entrants have incorporated their ventures, raising a total of nearly $400K in seed capital and generating more $120K of earned revenue to date.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams:

Apple-A-Day, WSU
A weekly apple delivery service that provides a healthy alternative to workplace snacking.

Allows mental health providers to help patients feel better faster and get back on track sooner, through the use of our web-enabled outcome tracking software.

Barrels of Hope, UW
Provides safe, affordable and sustainable permanent shelter solutions to disaster victims and citizens of developing nations.

Biking Billboards, UW
A mobile advertising company that promotes its clients by displaying billboards on bike trailers.

Clarity, UW
Aims to become the “Bloomberg for collectibles markets."

CondoBids, UW Bothell
Brings travelers and hosts together in an engaging and social way, offering a unique auction-style bidding process for booking vacation rentals and short-term accommodations.

EchoGuide Medical, UW
Is developing a disposable ultrasound based catheter guidance technology that will address the current high rate of error in placement of catheters during ventriculostomy procedures while reducing cost.

Flash Volunteer, UW
Offers a set of mobile and social tools to create, discover, track and easily share volunteer service events via a variety of integrated channels.

Fluentizer, UW
Allows people to practice understanding native English speakers.

Frameable, UW
Is the simplest way to frame photos on the internet.

Game2Code, UW
Is a web-based educational environment that teaches absolute beginners how to program their own games in a real programming language.

Genius Lighting Systems, UW
Prevents business owners from wasting $370 million, annually, by eliminating unnecessary office lighting by offering office owners a smartphone controlled, energy efficient LED panel as a direct replacement for the fluorescent tube.

GroBox, UW
Aims to make it super easy to grow your own fruits and vegetables in a small amount of space.

Haiti Babi, UW
Makes hip baby products with an authentic cause of employing and empowering Haitian moms to provide and care for their families.

Highlight Hunter, UW
Highlight Hunter's software saves camera owners time by finding the highlights in their videos. It works with any digital camera and can be downloaded free on Mac and PC.

Innotok, UW
Will create a multi-channel, real-time social e-commerce experience for customers with and deliver a superior customer purchase experience.

Isbaar, UW
Life is a multidimensional journey with many goals and dreams; Isbaar joins you in this journey and makes it easier, collaborative and enjoyable to achieve them.

JoeyBra, UW
A unique pocketed bra design that allows women of all ages to go to dances, parties, or events without having to worry about bringing a purse.

lumenomics, Seattle University
A full service provider for multi-site retail companies that maximizes natural light to reduce the use of electric light.

LumiSands, UW
Develops revolutionary nano-particle color enhancer technology that makes LED lighting more attractive, affordable and eco-friendly.

ModernChef, UW
A kitchen appliance company designed to make modernist cuisine equipment affordable for the home chef.

Mynu, UW
A mobile app where customers can pre-order menu items from food trucks, save their favorites, and share via their other social media outlets.

Next Global Language, Bainbridge Graduate Institute
Provides supplemental K-12 English Language Learning programs utilizing motion-based gaming to engage learners and online social-networking platforms to support teachers.

OmniOff, UW
We utilize material science innovations to create non-toxic, nonstick cookware that is 100% stainless steel with no coatings, making it 100% safe for health-conscious chefs.

POCOMARU, Seattle University
Aims to be the iconic iAccessory provider, in the same way that Amazon established its reputation with books and Zappos with shoes.

Splitpen, UW
A creative online outlet for everyday people of all abilities to come together and co-write stories with multiple plot lines, sub-plots and endings.

Stella Therapeutics, UW
Is developing drugs to treat brain cancer.

SuperCritical Technologies, UW
Provides a compact power solution that will revolutionize the way we generate and distribute electricity.

Tajweed Perfect, UW
One Billion Muslims recite the Holy Quran every day. The recitation requires hard-to-learn Arabic pronunciation rules. Tajweed Perfect’s SaaS software uses speech recognition to dramatically improve the learning experience on all devices.

The Protosong Project, SPU
An online fundraising platform where artists and music fans collaborate to support a cause.

UrbanHarvest, UW
Will grow the healthiest, tastiest, and most environmentally-sustainable produce available anywhere.

ViewPointe, UW
ViewPointe™ is a real time software tool that enables emergency response agencies such as Police, Fire and Utilities to collaborate, communicate and track resource locations on an interactive geographic map.

Visupay, Seattle University, UW
A proximity based mobile platform for safe, simple, and secure mobile payments.

Viva Aguas Frescas, WSU, Walla Walla Community College
A non-carbonated beverage company committed to producing Aguas Frescas beverages that embody the always fresh, all natural and HEALTHY Aguas Frescas.

Xylemed, UW
Xylemed Ember is a cloud-based electronic patient tracking and operations management system that leverages existing information systems to manage hospital workflows—improving communication and safety, while reducing expenses.

Zumori, UW
An online community platform that connects active individuals with one another in a safe and trustworthy environment, through an integrated Facebook app, smartphone app and web experience.


Cake in a Jar, UW
Our primary product is Courage Cakes which include a reusable glass jar, just add water cake mix, and a personalized lid with a photo or special message to help those united by love, but divided by duty to stay connected.

Tag!, Seattle University
An iPhone application that utilizes social mediums to create a viral explosion of $0.99 donations for non-profit organizations.

Vampp, UW
An energy management company dedicated to saving homeowners money by producing smart outlets which can be used to control devices via a mobile app.

Thank you to the sponsors of the 2012 Business Plan Competition!