"Breaking Ground: Visionaries Growing Minority-Owned Businesses" Exhibit

"Breaking Ground: Visionaries Growing Minority-Owned Businesses" is an exhibition by the UW Foster School of Business honoring members of the Minority Business Hall of Fame & Museum. The Hall of Fame recognizes trailblazers in founding and growing minority-owned businesses across the U.S.

We invite students and the public to view the exhibition weekdays (Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) free of charge. The exhibit is located in the first floor corridor of Mackenize Hall on the University of Washington Seattle campus. Access driving directions to the University of Washington.

TRAILBLAZERS are, by definition, leaders with the passion and conviction to persevere and triumph when the obstacles between them and their end goals seem insurmountable. In business, we rightfully celebrate the courageous innovators and entrepreneurs breaking new ground; those who have both good ideas and the wherewithal to turn them into something more; those who see opportunities where others do not; and, those who make the world a better place for all who follow. Being a leader may be as personal as being the first in ones family to attend college, or the first to start a business. Even the greatest journey must start with one bold step. Visionary leaders set a new direction that move people, communities and nations forward.

Here at the University of Washington Foster School of Business, nurturing a diverse student body into capable future leaders engaged in expanding and sharing economic opportunity is integral to our mission. Ensuring that all people—regardless of their backgrounds—have the opportunity to be successful business leaders is at the nucleus of our values. Embracing this American Dream for our state and nation, the Foster School is honored to collaborate with the MINORITY BUSINESS HALL OF FAME & MUSEUM (MBHF&M) to honor those who have been instrumental in accelerating the growth of minority-owned businesses.

Established in 2004, the MBHF&M was founded with a mission to acknowledge and educate society about individuals and institutions shepherding the expansion of minority business enterprises, public policies and programs. This mission is realized and promoted through the annual induction of a new group of difference-makers into the organization’s Hall of Fame. Thanks to such leaders as those spotlighted within the exhibition, the doors of opportunity for minority entrepreneurs are opening wider each day. There is still much work to be done to enhance the infrastructure for an enduring, unprejudiced society in which all who strive may prosper. In this regard, we may all be trailblazers moving forward. No obstacle is too great when we work together.

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