Online Writing Skills Assessment Workshop

This online workshop is designed to help you practice the Writing Skills Assessment (WSA) before actually taking the exam. We offer some tips and strategies to help before you begin to write, and then offer two sample questions—one persuasion task and one position task—that you can respond to.

When you have completed your two sample essays, you will then be guided toward learning how to score them. We have provided numerous examples of other students’ samples that you can practice scoring using our scoring guide. Once you have an understanding how the scores are formed, you should be ready to try scoring your own practice essays. Knowing the scoring guide will also help you understand how and what to write to earn the highest score possible.

A limited number of spaces are available in live WSA workshops, which are offered for each application period starting about two months before the application deadline.

Step 1: Getting Started

  • What you will need to practice
  • Tips and strategies
  • Cracking the WSA: Tips for Students Who Speak English as a Second or Foreign Language

Step 2: Take a Practice Assessment

Step 3: Try Scoring Practice Assessment

  • WSA Scoring Guide
  • Samples

Step 4: Try Scoring Your Own Writing

When you're ready, register to take the Writing Skills Assessment.