Young Executives of Color (YEOC)

Established in 2006 the mission of the Young Executives of Color (YEOC) program is to cultivate the academic potential of underrepresented high school student leaders in Washington State through college preparation, powerful mentorship, and the development of real life business skills. YEOC was established to increase the number of underrepresented students in the college pipeline and at the University of Washington Foster School of Business.

What is YEOC?

Young Executives of Color (YEOC) is a nine-month college pipeline program hosted by the University of Washington Foster School of Business. The program currently serves 170 high school sophomores, juniors and seniors from 75 schools in the state Washington. Students attend sessions on the UW campus one Saturday every month for college preparation, business lectures, professional development, and powerful mentorship. YEOC is a FREE nine-month program, the only cost to students is transportation to UW Seattle.

Benefits of the YEOC Program
  • Preparation for college admissions & scholarships
  • Exposure to a variety of business options and careers
  • Professional development, competitions and lectures
  • Chances to win prizes and EY YEOC scholarships for seniors
  • Network with professionals from EY, Microsoft, Google, Nike, Amazon, and more!
  • Mentorship from an upperclassman student at the UW Foster School of Business
  • A supportive network of highly ambitious high school students from across the state

Current YEOC Students 2014-2015 Program Dates

9/26/14: Student & Parent Orientation
2/7/15: iCreate
10/11/14 Team Building & Networking 3/7/15: Supply Chain
11/1/14: Marketing & Branding 4/4/15: Accounting
12/13/14: International Experience 5/9/15: Case Competition & End of the Year Celebration
1/10/15: Finance & Opportunity Fair 5/30/15: Senior Celebration (Seniors Only)

Program Eligibility

  • Underrepresented high school students who are current freshmen, sophomores or juniors from any high school in Washington State
  • 3.0 GPA and above is preferred (but not required)
  • Active leaders in their high school and community
  • First generation students (strongly encouraged to apply)
  • Prior business experience or knowledge is not required, just an interest to learn

Target Groups: African American, Hispanic/Latino(a), American Indian/Alaskan Native, Pacific Islander and Asian American.

Application Information & Deadlines

YEOC student applications are now open. Please click here to apply.

YEOC Application Opens
YEOC Application Deadline
Decisions Announced

Late applications will not be accepted

The YEOC application process is completely online, students will be asked to create an account first. The online application includes:

  • Applicant background and contact information
  • An activities journal and 4 short essays
  • A copy of an unofficial transcript

Admission into YEOC is determined by the strength of your overall application. Items considered include: GPA, leadership activities, community engagement, short essays, and overall interest in the field of business.

Admitted YEOC students are required to attend all monthly Saturday sessions. Students are expected to exhibit a professional demeanor and actively participate in all session discussions, workshops, and activities. Respect towards fellow students, staff, mentors, and session guests, including professional speakers and volunteers is strictly enforced. Appropriate business casual attire is required at all YEOC sessions unless otherwise stated.

Tentative 2015-2016 Session Dates:
*Session attendance is mandatory for all students. All dates are subject to change with prior notice being forwarded.

10/10/15 3/5/16
11/7/15 4/2/16
12/12/15 5/7/16
1/9/16 5/28/16 (seniors only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I participate in YEOC is it guaranteed that I will get into UW?
A: Participation in YEOC does not guarantee admission into the UW. However, YEOC is a recognized leadership activity by the UW Office of Admissions.

Q: Can I turn in my YEOC application after the application deadline?

A: No, late applications will note be accepted. The online application will close at 11:59 p.m. on Friday May 1, 2015.

Q: What if I do not have access to a computer or the internet?

A: YEOC understands that each applicant’s situation is unique. However, we have allotted a 4 month application process to allow individuals to prepare and find accommodations to apply for our program. Please consider using your school or public library resources.

Q: Can I save my application online and return to it at a later time?
A: Yes, you can save your application and return to it at a later time. If you are in the application you will find a "Save" button at the bottom of the application page.

Q: What are my chances of acceptance?
A: Every application submitted by the May 1st deadline will receive the same treatment. Each year the YEOC program admits an extraordinary group of students. We have carefully designed our review process to ensure quality and fairness. Admission into the YEOC Programs is highly selective and based on a comprehensive review of all applicants.

Q: Who do I fax or email my transcripts to?

Students must upload an unofficial transcript with their online application. If for any reason you are unable to upload your transcript with your online application you can fax your transcripts to Foster Undergraduate Programs Office, please write ATTN: YEOC on your document and fax it to 206-616-8225. You can email your transcripts to our office at The subject line of the email should say "2016 YEOC Application- High School Transcript__Your Name". In the body of the message please give your name and high school.

Q: Can I call or email to check on my admission status?
A: We will not accept or return any calls nor respond to any emails regarding admission decisions. All applicants will be notified by email of their admission decision by July 1, 2015. To verify that your complete application was received, please login to your online application to check the status.

Q: How long is the YEOC program? And how long are the sessions?

A: YEOC is a 9 month program that runs from September – May. All sessions are from 9-4 p.m., students must arrive at 8:30 a.m. for registration and breakfast.

Q: Where does the YEOC program take place?
A: The YEOC program is held at the UW Seattle campus at PACCAR and Dempsey Halls. All session details will be sent out to students and parents via email beforehand.

Q: Is YEOC a free program?
A: Yes, YEOC is a free program for students the only cost is transportation to and from the University of Washington Seattle campus. All materials including, breakfast, lunch and session supplies are provided. EY and UW sponsor the program tuition, valued at approximately $500 per student.

Q: What if I have to travel hours to get to YEOC?
A: Transportation reimbursement is considered on a case by case basis, usually for students traveling 150 miles or more to UW.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to YEOC?
A: Students must bring their YEOC bag, binder, notepad and a pen to each session—and a passion to learn!

Q: What if I can’t make it to one of the YEOC sessions?
A: All YEOC Saturday sessions are mandatory. Due to the limited time we have with our participants, it is required that students attend all session dates. Three unexcused absences are grounds for dismissal from the program. To excuse an absence you must contact your YEOC Mentor AND the YEOC Program Manager via email at least a week in advance to be excused.

Q: What do I wear to YEOC?
A: The dress code at YEOC is business casual, unless stated otherwise. This means: slacks, collared shirts, button ups, polos, dresses and shirts are preferable. This means absolutely no jeans, hats or baggy clothes.

Q: What should I expect at YEOC?
A: Each YEOC session has a different theme, such as accounting or marketing. Most sessions have 4 main components: (1) Keynote Speaker (2) Business Activity/Challenge, (3) College Preparation Workshop, (4) Professional Development Workshop.

Q: What is the role of the YEOC Mentor?
A: The role of the YEOC mentors is to support your students at each of the monthly sessions. Mentors will also contact their mentees twice a month (via phone, email, or social media) outside of YEOC to check on their school and college preparation process. Any other services such as tutoring or test prep that students request will be referred out to our partner organizations.

Q: How much homework will my student be doing at YEOC?
A: Homework assignments outside of YEOC are minimal. We encourage students to stay on top of their college application process throughout the year. The only main homework assignments are updating resumes and preparation for the end of the year case competition.

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Contact us:
Korrie N. Miller, M.Ed.
YEOC Program Manager
202 Dempsey Hall, Box 353223
P: 206-221-0279
F: 206-616-8225