Transfer Students

A transfer applicant is one who:

    •  has never attended UW-Seattle or has attended UW-Seattle only as a non-matriculated undergraduate, 
    •  has not been accepted to UW-Seattle for the quarter during which the UW Foster School application deadline 
        falls, and 
    •  has a total of at least 60 transferable college credits completed by the deadline. 
A transfer applicant must submit complete applications to both the University of Washington-Seattle and the UW Foster School of Business. Admission to the Foster School is contingent upon admission to the University.

All business applicants must meet Foster's pre-application course requirements. Those who have attended community colleges in Washington State can refer to the Transfer Guide for equivalent courses. Business courses taken at other educational institutions can be evaluated for equivalency.

Courses taught at the freshman and sophomore levels at other colleges usually cannot be used to satisfy the School's upper-division business requirements for graduation.

The UW Foster School of Business honors the Associate Degree Agreement for those students who have an approved associate degree from a Washington community college.

UW Application
Apply to UW from the UW Office of Admissions website or contact them at:

University of Washington
Office of Admissions
1410 NE Campus Parkway
Box 355852
Seattle WA 98195-5852

Credit Restrictions and UW Residence Requirement
A transfer student is allowed a maximum of 90 transferable community college credit hours toward the 180 credits needed for the UW bachelor’s degree. Up to 90 credit hours of correspondence or other extension coursework may also apply to the bachelor’s degree.

However, every student must complete 45 of the final 60 credit hours in residence at the UW. To meet the upper-division requirement for a BABA, a student must complete six of the nine upper-division core classes (including a capstone course), and 40 of the 53 required upper-division business credit hours at UW-Seattle.

Students who have taken more than three of the nine Upper-Division core business courses at another institution, including UW-Bothell and UW-Tacoma, are generally not admitted to the UW Foster School of Business. Contact a business adviser if you have questions.