Study Groups Facilitate Learning

As a student in the Technology Management MBA Program you will be part of a study group. The study groups are always assigned and consist of 4-6 students. The groups are intact for three quarters and half-way through the program students are re-assigned to another group. Some students are also re-assigned to a different class section.  Study groups are thoughtfully constructed with diversity of positions, companies, academic backgrounds and interests in mind. Geography is also taken into account so that convenient meeting locations can be more easily determined.

Study groups are critical to successfully completing this 18-month, full-course load design.  Here’s how:

Support:  Balancing a 40+ hour work week, time with family and the 20+ hours you’ll be spending on school work will be challenging, but being a part of a study group certainly goes a long way to making it all doable!  Providing moral support and helping each other during crunch times is critical in the study group environment. The program is intense and your work deadlines are not likely to let up – a study group acts as a safety net ensuring all are successful. 

Expanding perspectives:  We want you to think differently and the best way to do that is to work through problems and school material with other people.  Everyone has something to offer, whether it is a global perspective, generational perspective, hands-on experience or an intuitive thinking the study group is sure to enhance and expand your thinking and perspective on business issues, challenges and opportunities.

Professional and Personal Growth:  Who couldn’t be a better team player, negotiator, leader or communicator?  Being a part of a study group will allow you to practice and hone these important skills and traits while in the program.  Students seeking to improve themselves will build a positive reputation for themselves within their study group and the broader cohort.

Connections:  Because you’ll experience two different study groups while in the program, you’ll have the opportunity to build strong connections (and even friendships) with the 7-10 people you’ll work closely with while in the program.  These students along with your broader cohort of 38-42 often result in new job opportunities – we see it happen time-and-time again!

TMMBA Study Groups:

Team Gangnam, Class of 2014 

Their motto is "work hard, play hard", and for the past 8 months Team Gangnam has lived up to their adage. With over 80 years of combined work experience, they have learned to leverage each other's strengths and skills to succeed in the program. Read their interview.
TMMBA Team Miracle Grow Miracle Grow, Class of 2012

Team Miracle Grow sat down to talk about their experience at TMMBA - from choosing a program to favorite classes. For a look into the thoughts and advice of these students, watch their video.
 Photo of Technology Management MBA study group: Fantastic Five Fantastic Five, Class of 2011

Team Fantastic Five (Fan5) takes a look back to the beginning. From why they chose TMMBA to insider admissions tips, Fan5 provides insights and recommendations for applicants considering the TMMBA Program. Read more...
 Photo of Technology Management MBA study group: Team Confluence Confluence, Class of 2010

Team Confluence has launched their innovative business venture (TrueLight FLIIP) and secured a position in the Sweet Sixteen Round of the UW's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition. Read more about their insights into the Business Plan Competition and TMMBA Program.
 Photo of TMMBA study group: Sha-mazing Sha-mazing, Class of 2010

Team Sha-mazing explains the benefits of a technology-focused, cohort program and shares their favorite classes. Read more...

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