Technology Entrepreneurship Faculty

Boeker, Warren

Professor of Management
Douglas E. Olesen/Battelle Endowed Chair


Chen, Xiao-Ping
(Management and Organization Department Chair)
Professor of Management
Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow


Hill, Charles
Professor of Management
Hughes M. and Katherine G. Blake Endowed Professor in Business Administration


Kamara, Avraham
Professor of Finance
William W. Alberts Professor


Koski, Jennifer
Associate Professor of Finance
John B. and Delores L. Fery Faculty Fellow


Kotha, Suresh
Professor of Management
Olesen/Battelle Excellence Chair in Entrepreneurship
Faculty Director, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Palmatier, Robert W.
Associate Professor of Marketing
John C. Narver Endowed Professor in Business Administration


Steensma, Kevin
Professor of Management
Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow


Tan, Yong
Neal and Jan Dempsey Professor of Information Systems


Faculty from other UW units:

Sean O'Connor
Associate Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Entrepreneurial Law Clinic, J.D. Stanford
Legal issues in commercializing art, science, and technology; social and cultural context of artistic, scientific, and technological innovation; laws impacting the biotechnology industry, new media, and digital arts.

Patrick Stayton
Professor of Bioengineering, Ph.D. Illinois, Champaign
protein engineering, biomaterials, drug delivery, biomineralization.